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  • Fulfill the duties of the president in their absence
  • Act as the Council’s liaison to the events committee
  • Support the president in performing the work of the Council
  • Support OPEN officers to perform their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensure smooth transition between Councils

Financial Officer:

  • Maintain the bank account and accounting system
  • Process Membership Applications and Fees
  • Prepare and maintain an annual organizational budget
  • Prepare regular financial reports for the OPEN council (informal) and OPEN membership (annual meeting)
  • Ensure required business and tax-related paperwork is processed

Communications Officer:

  • Develop and maintain efficient communications systems
  • Be main person checking email and forwarding to others as appropriate
    • Ensure all emails to OPEN email addresses are responded to in a timely manner
  • Distribute Newsletter and announcements via MailChimp
  • Maintain the website
    • Approve job board submissions
  • Maintain social media accounts
  • Facilitate additional communications strategies as needed
  • Coordinate with events committee to send reminders to those registered for events
  • Maintain a balance between communications benefits to members and maintaining communication with non-member evaluators

Membership Officer:

  • Identify and promote OPEN membership and member benefits
  • Maintain membership database
  • Coordinate and troubleshoot individual and collective membership issues
  • Respond to Inquiries Re: OPEN Membership
  • Facilitate OPEN membership promotion at OPEN Events:
    • Work with Event point-person to ensure a time to promote OPEN membership is designated
    •  Supply OPEN promotional materials
    • Conduct outreach and recruitment to potential members and other related professional organizations, such as: Accounting and Management Consulting Firms, Government Audit Agencies, Pacific Northwest Association for Institutional Research and Planning, Program Directors and Administrators, Funders, etc.
    • Attend OPEN Council meetings
    • Coordinate with Financial Officer as needed

Events Officer:

  • Recruit Events Committee Members and schedule and chair regular committee meetings
  • Ensure planning deadlines are met
  • Ensure that all committee responsibilities are fulfilled
  • Outline events committee meeting agenda
  • Encourage creative ideas for engaging participants and providing opportunities for interaction

Events Committee Member:

  • Typically attend 4-6 meetings and assist in planning/implementing 1-2 events per year
  • Attend Events Committee meetings, supporting Events Chair and programming activities to determine event topics and presenters
  • If committee member is the point person for an event, they will coordinate and delegate roles for all aspects of the event, assisted by the Event Committee Chair as needed
  • Ensure logistical needs (space, AV, speaker, projector, web-streaming etc.) are met for events
  • Write meeting announcements and distribute to Communications Officer
  • Design, implement, analyze and report on event evaluations

Student Liaison:

  • Represent students who are interested in program evaluation
  • Collaborate to meaningfully engage student members, nonmembers, and volunteers
  • Plan and host 1 student monthly event (with Events Committee) per year
  • Plan and host 1 conference student session or gathering per year

Special Projects Liaison / DEIJ:

(full description forthcoming)


OPEN is a registered 501(c)6 organization. 

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